UV Protection

Shade Sails Melbourne

Our sails protect from the harsh Australian rays.

Australians are not only becoming more aware of the harmful effects of the sun’s burning UV rays, we are seeking to provide ourselves and our families with a greater level of protection from the harmful effect of the harsh sun. Our sails are made with a stylish design, practical long life construction and unique fabric that blocks out harmful UV rays while still allowing cooling breezes to pass through and refresh.

UV Protection
Our solid fabrics are designed to block 98 % of dangerous UV rays or our 100% Full block out fabric. Unlike some shade materials utilised by other industry representatives who market inferior plastic covers which quickly break down in harsh weather conditions.

  • Blocks 98% of UV rays dependant on colour choice
  • Fabric allows cooling breezes to pass through
  • Will not fray or tear because of knitted construction
  • Colourfast – colours will remain vivid for years to come
  • Shade sails carry a unique 10 yr limited warranty against UV degradation