Outdoor Blinds

Yes, we also do outdoor blinds.

Outdoor blinds are a great addition to any home be it modern or traditional in style. Whether it be for windows, alfresco areas or pergolas, there will be an application to suit your needs. `Made to measure` exterior outdoor blinds are available in 3 main fabrics. Canvas or woven mesh fabric (Vista-Weave) these both come in a large range of plain or stripped fabrics or PVC blinds that come in a choice of clear or tinted.

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Vista-Weave Blinds

Woven Mesh/Vista weave is a wonderfully versatile fabric that allows a see through view from the inside and privacy from the outside but will allow in the light. Whilst blocking out 90% of the suns harsh rays the fabric allows for ventilation and air flow to keep the interior cooler for major comfort.

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Canvas Blinds

Traditional canvas fabric for exterior blinds gives 100% block out from the harsh Australian sun.

PVC Blinds

PVC or tinted outdoor blinds are an ideal fabric that will protect or enclose an area from the wind and rain.

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