Our wide range of colour choices gives you an almost limitless selection of options.

Whether you wish us to use your school or logo colourings to suit the surrounding of your home or environment you will be able to find the colour you require. Keep safe and comfortable outdoors all year round. Sails That Shade sails offers you protection, functionality and an alternative to suit any commercial or domestic requirement.

To get a FREE on-site measure, quote and consultation for your individual shade sail follow the link below, or simply give us a call and speak to our consultants on 0411 616 433.

Sails are a great addition to any outdoor garden or living area for homes, businesses, schools just to name a few of the applications shade sails may be used for.

Sails have a multitude of functions from a great alternative to pergolas, carports or just to keep the family safe whilst playing or swimming outdoors under our harsh Australian sun.

Let’s build your sail today!

Colours Name UV-R Block Shade Factor
 Chocolate  95%  94%
Sunflower Yellow  81%  72%
 Turquoise  92%  84%
 Terracotta  87%  84%
Silver Grey  97%  96%
 Royal Blue  95%  88%
 Rust Gold  88%  87%
 Rainforest  98%  91%
 Sunset Red  95%  77%
 Mulberry  94%  91%
 Navy Blue 93%  93%
 Mist Green  88%  86%
 Meadow Green  92%  82%
 Laguna Blue  93%  89%
 Ice White  78%  64%
 Gumleaf  98%  91%
 Charcoal  96%  96%
 Desert Sand  97%  89%
 Champagne  94%  70%
 Black  99%  97%