Repair & Replace

Has recent bad weather damaged or destroyed your sail shade? Has your sail shade become dirty or broken due to old age? At Sails That Shade we can simply replace your old sail shade with a fresh, long-wearing fabric.

We offer all customers a FREE onsite insurance quote on repairing your sails or completely replacing your damaged sails.

Sails That Shade are a reputable supplier trusted by insurance agencies to replace your damaged sail shade. Many people are surprised to find out that their insurance policy covers their sail shade. Sails That Shade are available to come to your home and complete a free, full insurance quote.

Even if we did not install your sail shade, we can do repair work on your existing sail shade. Our sails are made of top quality materials that carry a 10 year limited manufacturer’s UV warranty.

Be it general maintenance, safety checks, quotes for insurance, re-hemming or damaged sails due to wind or hail damage, we are able to provide a prompt, professional repair service.

Shade Sails Melbourne