Protection for your vehicle

December 6, 2015

This Sunbury project required the tradesman owner source a carport like structure that wasn’t like the normal everyday carport.  His wish was something modern that would blend in with his new homes modern frontage.

His vehicle is now protected with a shade sail that met with all of his requirements.

2 Responses to Protection for your vehicle
  1. Hello Garry and Linda
    We need a Sail to cover a small/medium car Honda Jazz
    we think the one here on this site (above the red ute) may me ok,
    Your advice ?
    And the cost ?
    Do we need a council permit ?
    Our post code is 3102
    My contact is 0419 116 974
    We would appreciate your reply
    thank you
    Enza Centorame

  2. Hi there
    I thought I already send you a enquiring but it looks like it might not have gone well here is my contact number 0419116974
    looking forward to you call
    thank you
    Enza Centorame


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